Panama Hand Held Drip Torch


Handheld Drip Torch (Click image to enlarge)

The only assembly required is to screw the nozzle and burner on the regulating valve.  The burner is furnished in one if three lengths.  The 12" burner or standard burner can be stored inside the tank by screwing the burner on the spud inside the filler cap and inserting in the filler neck.  Before storing  burner inside tank, be sure the wick is completely extinguished and burner is cold. Never put a hot burner inside the tank.  To prevent stopping up the nozzle, never store a burner that is covered in dirt or trash inside the tank.  Thoroughly clean it before inserting in tank.

The 15" long burner and the 19" extra long burner cannot be stored inside the tank.  Their main advantage is the operator does not have to stoop over or hold the torch as far out when firing a line.  When not in use, they can be stored in the tube on the side of the PANAMA Drip Torch Holder.


Fill the tank approximately 1-3/8 gallons of kerosene or diesel fuel.  NOTE: When using diesel, a small amount of gasoline may be added to lower the flashpoint of the diesel fuel. Normally, 10 to 15% gas works well but under no circumstances should the mixture exceed 20%, or one quart gas to one gallon diesel fuel.

To light burner, open the D-3 Regulating valve about 1/4 turn.  Do not open the D-4 Vent valve yet.  Turn torch down to completely saturate the wick, hold the torch and burner out away from body and light the wick.  To use the torch, turn burner down, open the D-4 Vent valve completely and adjust fuel flow with the D-3 Regulating valve.  When through using the torch, close the D-4 Vent valve, turn the torch up, close the D-3 Regulating valve, then blow out the burner.  When not in use, the torch should always be stored in an upright position, the reason being that the bottom is made of thicker stainless steel than the sides and can handle more abuse.  We strongly recommend using a PANAMA Drip Torch Holder for storing your Drip Torch.  It has a rubber ring in the bottom to unnecessary wear on your torch and also a pocket on it to secure your nozzle and burner.


Never exceed recommended fuel mixture.  Anytime the torch has been sealed up, always open the D-3 Regulating valve before opening the D-4 Vent valve.  This lets any pressure inside the tank go out the nozzle.  If the vent valve is opened first, fuel will be forced up through the vent tube, out the vent valve, and onto the tank.  Be sure the tank is clean and dry of any fuel before lighting the torch.