Panama Bac-Pac Drip Torch


Bac-Pac Drip Torch (Click image to enlarge)

The only assembly required is connecting the hose between the fire wand and the valve on the bottom of the tank and hooking the two carrying straps to the four clips on the tank.  Do not crisscross the straps over your chest the torch.  Put them over your shoulders the same was you carry a backpack.


Fill the tank within about 1/2" of the top with kerosene or diesel fuel. NOTE: When using diesel, a small amount of gasoline may be added to lower the flashpoint of the diesel fuel. Normally, 10 to 15% gas works well but under no circumstances should the mixture exceed 20%, or one quart gas to one gallon diesel fuel.  WARNING: Always remove the tank from back and do not smoke or allow open flames or sparks near fuel tank or Bac-Pac Torch when refueling or disconnecting the hose.  Do not overfill.

To light the burner: (1) Turn on B-3 Tank outlet valve. (2) Put tank on your back the same way you would wear a backpack. (3) Grasp fire wand by inserting index finger through safety loop with regulating valve pointing up in the palm of your hand. (4) Open F-3 Regulating Valve about 1/4 turn and hold fire wand down until wick is completely saturated with fuel, turn F-3 Regulating Valve off and light burner wick. (5) Reach back and completely turn on D-4 Vent valve.  Open the F-3 Regulating valve to the desired fuel flow and begin using the torch.

When you are through using the torch, cut off the F-3 Regulating valve, reach back and close the D-4 Vent valve, blow out the wick, remove tank from your back, and close the B-3 Tank outlet valve.


Never exceed recommended fuel mixture.  Never crisscross the straps across your chest.  Never put on or take off the tank when the D-4 Vent valve is open.  The tank is designed so no fuel will leak out the open vent valve when it is upright or laying on either side, but a small amount will leak out if the tank is turned completely upside down.  Always be sure the tank is clean and dry of fuel before placing on back.  Be sure filler cap is tight before using the torch.