Panama Hand Held Drip Torch

The only all Stainless Steel torch on the Market!

For over 50 years Panama Pump Co. has been building quality stainless steel Drip Torches. Our customers include the U.S. Forest Service, state forestry commissions, timber companies, land owners, and consulting foresters.

The Panama Hand Held Drip Torch meets DOT standards to carry flammable liquids and meets the requirements for Packing Group II liquids as listed in 49 CFR Part 178.605.

Its is constructed of 22 GA. Stainless steel, which makes it light (4-3/4 pounds) but, unlike aluminum, it is extremely resistant to wear and the abuse it receives in holders and in the back of trucks. Tank capacity is 1-3/8 gallons. The 2-1/4” filler neck opening requires no funnel when filling and also helps prevent spilled fuel. This opening also allows the 12” burner to be stored inside the tank. Fuel flow is controlled by a brass regulating valve that precisely controls the fuel flow to the burner and is not pre-determined by the nozzle size. This is important because not all back firing operations require the same amount of fuel flow. The regulating valve also allows the fuel flow to be completely shut off without having to screw in plugs or by placing a hot burner into the fuel tank. It’s safer for the operator, and there is less chance of debris in the fuel stopping up the nozzle. The torch also has a screw type vent valve large enough to be operated with gloves on. The Panama Drip Torch is supplied with your chose of three burner lengths all at the same cost. We have the standard 15” burner and also offer 12” and 19” burners. The long burners are useful for backfiring across a wide fire lane or out of the back of a vehicle. All burners have a safety loop close to the tank to prevent flashbacks and are streamlined to prevent tangling in brush. The burner wick plate is designed to prevent fuel from dripping on your pants, leg or both when the burner is raised above the horizontal plane.

Capacity: 1-3/8 Gallons 5.2 liters

Empty weight: 4-3/4 pounds  2.16 kg.
Tank Diameter: 6” 15.24 cm.
Tank Height: 13” 33.02 cm.
Filler Cap: Aluminum with a recessed groove for gasket
Burner Lengths: 12” 30.48 cm
15” 38.10 cm.
19” 48.26 cm.
Gasket: Neoprene  
Wick: Fiberglass  
Vent Valve: Brass, screw type

Assembly instructions and parts list.